Episode 060 - Harnessing Optimism: Inside Kristen Ziman's Journey of Choice

In this enriching episode of The ProGuide Podcast, host Andrew J. Mason invites former police chief Kristen Ziman to share her deep insights on leadership, handling negativity, and building trust within an organization. Drawing from her 30-year career in law enforcement, Ziman brings a unique perspective on managing challenges and fostering positive interactions, even in high-stress environments.


  1. Handling Negativity: Kristen discusses the challenge of handling negativity in the police force and in everyday life. She equates it to "a thousand tiny cuts" and emphasizes the importance of being your own "pattern interrupter" to break the cycle of negativity. Techniques she recommends include practicing gratitude, performing random acts of kindness, and seeking out positive interactions.

  2. Importance of Choice and Autonomy: Both Kristen and Andrew underscore the importance of choice in determining one's mood and actions. For leaders, granting autonomy is crucial in fostering a healthy work environment and stimulating creativity.

  3. The Power of Trust: Kristen shares her struggles with delegation and control in her leadership roles. She references Daniel Pink's theory that people desire autonomy, mastery, and purpose, and discusses the paradox of trust in leadership. Trusting your team members, she suggests, can lead to surprising and often superior results.

  4. Leadership Lessons and Mistakes: Reflecting on her career, Kristen identifies two key lessons she wishes she'd learned sooner: the importance of authenticity and the need to pace change to ensure people aren't left behind. She advises leaders to focus more on human connections and relationships rather than processes.

  5. Contacting Kristen Ziman: For those interested in further insights from Kristen, she invites listeners to visit her website, kristenziman.com, and check out her book.

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Don't miss this enlightening episode of The ProGuide Podcast with Kristen Ziman, where you'll learn valuable lessons on leadership, trust, and how to navigate through negativity.