Episode 066 - Unlocking the Future of Digital Disruption and AI, with Chief Innovation Officer at Differential, Chris Ames

In this captivating episode of the Proguide, Andrew Mason engages with Chris Ames, the Chief Innovation Officer at Differential, in a thought-provoking conversation about the impacts and strategies surrounding digital disruption, and the pivotal role of AI in shaping the future. Chris reveals his invaluable insights into the transformative stories of Amazon and Walmart, drawing lessons from their growth strategies and how they responded to digital disruption. The conversation also uncovers the importance of curiosity, strategic thinking, and effective change management in fostering a culture of innovation. Aspiring innovators and business leaders can gain an understanding of the prerequisites and processes to drive innovation and a sneak peek into the day-to-day activities of a Chief Innovation Officer. For those seeking to expand their horizon on systemic thinking, Chris provides noteworthy resource recommendations to get started.