ProGuide Episode 69 - Doing to Done with Mike Williams

Thanks to our Sponsor: Doing to Done Book: Step into the productivity dojo with Mike Williams, the author of "Doing to Done," as he joins Andrew J. Mason on The ProGuide podcast. This episode isn't just about finishing tasks—it's about redefining how you approach your work, and life, through the power of "work beats" and intentional focus. Williams guides you through transforming mental chaos into actionable "doing and done statements," the core premise of his book. Whether you're bogged down by day-to-day pressures or just looking for a fresh perspective on productivity, this episode offers valuable insights into giving yourself small wins with big impacts. Tune in and learn how to move your projects, roles, and even your life forward, one "beat" at a time. #produtivity Note: I blame myself for Mike's lack of eye-contact. He asked me if it was a video podcast, and I was all like, “Nope….audio only.....feel free to doodle." 🤣. My apologies!