Episode 79 - Unlocking Compassionate Accountability with Dr. Nate Regier

In this insightful episode of The ProGuide, Dr. Nate Regier, CEO of Next Element Consulting and author of "Compassionate Accountability," delves into the intriguing concept of balancing compassion with accountability in leadership. Dr. Regier, a seasoned psychologist, explores the often misconceived tension between maintaining relationships and achieving results, offering groundbreaking perspectives on this vital aspect of leadership. This episode is a must-listen for anyone keen on understanding how to navigate the complex dynamics of modern leadership without sacrificing humanity or efficiency.

0:00 - Introduction
0:42 - Exploring the Gap
0:53 - Smallpond Productions
1:22 - Meet Dr. Nate Regier
2:20 - Compassionate Accountability and False Choices
6:11 - The Model of Compassionate Accountability
13:33 - Difference between Accountability and Responsibility
15:05 - The Three Fundamental Resets
17:25 - Barriers to Compassion
20:59 - Scale of Compassionate Accountability
21:54 - Recognizing Nuances
23:28 - The Value of Differences and Conflict
23:58 - Closing and Contact Information