Episode 83 - Diving Deep into Productivity Tips With Mike Schmitz

Mike Schmitz: https://mikeschmitz.com/about/
Obsidian University: https://www.obsidianuniversity.com
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Mike Schmitz, a renowned figure in the personal knowledge management and productivity realm. Schmitz, co-host of the Focus podcast and founder of Obsidian University, delves into the essence of productivity, emphasizing the significance of identifying one's core values and vision to navigate life's journey effectively. Through his narrative, Schmitz underscores the notion that productivity is not merely about accomplishing tasks but aligning one’s actions with a deeper purpose and establishing healthy boundaries to prevent burnout. His approach advocates for the use of a compass over a blueprint, highlighting the importance of adaptability and intentional planning in achieving personal and professional fulfillment.

Key Points:

  • Focus Podcast: A podcast co-hosted by Mike Schmitz and David Sparks.
  • Personal Knowledge Management (PKM): A central theme discussed in the episode.
  • David Sparks: Mentioned as the co-host of the Focus podcast with Mike Schmitz.
  • Austin Kleon: Author of "Steal Like an Artist," referenced by Mike Schmitz.
  • The Creativity Flywheel: Concept developed by Mike Schmitz to describe his creative process.
  • The Great Mental Models, Volume 1: Book by Shane Parrish and Rhianna Bauben, mentioned by Mike Schmitz.
  • Liminal Thinking: Book by Dave Gray, discussed by Mike Schmitz.
  • Keith Cunningham: Author of "The Road Less Stupid," referenced by Mike Schmitz.
  • Twelve Week Year: Concept mentioned by Mike Schmitz during the discussion on productivity planning.