Meet Founder Andrew J. Mason

With rich experience spanning over 18 years in producing audio/visual content and hosting events for top-tier brands, Andrew has a passion for "Amplifying Messages that Matter".

He initiated his journey into podcasting with his first podcast in 2009, which eventually grew into the popular 'The ProGuide'.


"We are thrilled to have Andrew leading the Getting Things Done podcast. His velvet voice, natural manner, and audio production skills are a perfect fit."

- David Allen Company

The GTD Podcast was named one of
"The 10 Hottest Productivity Tools of 2017"

Andrew was a big help in the successful launch of my first book. He not only has great ideas but perhaps more importantly he turns those into reality."

- Jeff Henderson,
Author of “Know What You’re For”

"Andrew did a killer job guest-hosting EOF for me!  If you’re looking for a world-class podcast or event host, look no further!

- John Lee Dumas, Host of Entrepreneur on Fire